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Are Electric Fireplaces Energy Efficient?

Are Electric Fireplaces Energy Efficient?

Electric fireplaces are more energy efficient than any other types of fireplaces. In fact, they are considered to be 100% efficient, but what does it mean for an average consumer?

What Is A Fireplace Energy Efficiency?

When it comes to fireplaces, efficiency is measured by the amount of energy that gets converted into a usable heat.

Electric fireplaces are considered to be 100% efficient because they generate as much renewable energy as they consume and all the heat that they produce stays in the room. 

Traditional wood fireplaces for example, are only 15%-75% efficient. Why is that?

It is hard to achieve high energy efficiency with traditional fireplaces because lots of it goes out of the chimney, flue, or a vent. 

Electric fireplaces do not require any ventilation which means that all the heat that they produce stays in the room.

What Does It Mean For You?

Heating efficiency is not just a number. It is an indication of how much money and resources you could potentially waste by heating the outside air. 

Reduce Environmental Impact

Traditional types of fireplaces consume natural resources like wood and natural gas and lose up to 85% of the energy they produce into the atmosphere.

This is a huge waste of our planet's resources. 

With electric fireplaces, you are using clean renewable electricity. All you need is a 120V outlet.

Save Your Money

Electric fireplaces can reduce your heating bill. They are perfect for zone heating allowing you to warm up the areas you want and not run the furnace on the whole house.

With electric fireplaces, you can even set the temperature and schedule for when you want them to turn on.

Moreover, if you just want to enjoy the look of fire but don't need the heat, you can just turn the heat off and still enjoy the flames. The flame effect of electric fireplaces is created by energy efficient LED lights that consume so little electricity, you will hardly notice it on your electrical bill.

This handy feature will definitely save you some cash!

Bottom Line

If not wasting money and our planet's resources is something you care about. You should pay attention to energy efficiency rating when you shop for a fireplace.

With 100% energy efficient electric fireplaces you definitely get the best bang for your buck.

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