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Napoleon FAQ's

Can I buy a Napoleon Fireplace direct from the factory?

Unfortunately, no. All Napoleon fireplaces are sold through dealers like Modern Blaze who are trained to provide you with the very best service available. 

What are BTU’s?

BTU’s (British Thermal Units) are a standard of measurement which represent the heat value of any type of energy used to create heat. The amount of fuel that a fireplace will consume per hour is calculated with the BTU value of the fuel it uses to determine the input of that fireplace. BTU values of any type of energy are determined by the actual amount of heat required to increase the temperature of one pound of water, by one degree Fahrenheit.

Will the blower increase the heat output of our fireplaces?

Yes, aside from the fact that all our fireplaces radiate heat from their fronts, there is still heat that can be withdrawn from the parts of the fireplace body that are closed in behind the wall. While there is an air channel that allows airflow around the firebox, allowing it to absorb the heat via conduction, this channel is somewhat restrictive by its size. Using a blower increases the airflow through this channel, thereby maximizing the heat being conducted from the back and sides of the fireplace.

What does zero clearance mean?

The term Zero Clearance indicates that the particular fireplace can be enclosed using combustible materials. Depending upon the limitations of a specific zero clearance fireplace, these combustible building materials may be allowed to be installed against the body of the fireplace without fear of combustion or heat damage. However, some fireplaces may require installation using non-combustible materials such as metal studs and framing for the parts of the enclosure in the immediate vicinity of the fireplace. Please have a professional install your fireplace following the parameters presented in the installation instructions to ensure that it is installed using the correct materials.

Zero Clearance does not mean that you can place objects like furniture in front of or against the front of your fireplace. Furniture and curtains etc. should remain at least 48-inches from the front of your fireplace for safety