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Modern Flames FAQ's

How do you program the remote control?

The remote comes pre-programmed. No programming is necessary.

What distance can the remote be used from the fireplace?

Optimal distance for the remote control is within 20 feet.

Can you turn on the fireplace via the touch screen and off via the remote (or vise versa)?


How long will the LED lights last?

LED Lamps have a lifespan of up to 20 years.

Can the fireplace be installed outside?

No. Please review the entire safety chapter before installing this fireplace.

Does the fireplace need to be on a dedicated 15 amp circuit?


What thickness of sheetrock should be used for the recessed installation?

1/2” or 5/8”.

How often do the batteries in the remote need to be replaced?

Annually, possibly more with heavy use.

Is there a remote receiver in the fireplace that requires batteries?

No, only the actual remote requires batteries. The rest of the fireplace runs entirely off of the main power supply.

How do you change the fire unit to Fahrenheit/Celsius?

Long press on the up and down arrows on the fire unit to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius. On the remote control, select the I for information button and then the C or F button. Toggle with the arrow to the desired readout.

Can the sensitivity of the touchscreen be adjusted?

Yes, but only by the factory. Not just any technician will be able to adjust the touchscreen sensitivity.