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Bromic Heaters FAQ's

How do the heaters turn on?

Bromic heaters can be plugged into an electrical outlet and turned on using an electric switch. Please note that a licensed technician must install your Bromic heaters.

Do the heaters come with a controller?

No - the controllers are purchased as an additional accessory.

What comes with the mounted gas heaters?

All Bromic Smart-Heat™ Gas outdoor heaters come with wall mount brackets. Ceiling poles, deflectors and controllers will need to be be purchased as additional accessories.

Do the gas heaters require an electrical supply?

Yes - Bromic gas heaters have an electric ignition which requires an electrical supply.

Is there a minimum clearance hight for the tungsten portable heater?

Yes - the minimum distance required from the top of the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable to the ceiling is 1m/39.37”.

Can I adjust the heat output on the gas heaters?

No - Bromic gas heaters are either on or off, which means the heat cannot be adjusted.

Can I install the heater myself?

Other than our Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas Portable, Bromic Smart-Heat™ outdoor heaters must be installed by a licensed technician

Electric, Gas, Portable, which one is the right heater for me?

Why choose only one type? With Bromic’s Smart-Heat™ range, all heaters are designed to work together in creating beautiful, safe and, above all, warm environments. This integrated design approach ensures a consistent look no matter the fuel type, heater size, mounting option or location. To make your choice even easier, Bromic also offers a Complementary Design Service to all our customers, with the Bromic heating specialists available to assist you in deciding on most suitable products and configuration to best meet your outdoor heating requirements. Let us know if you are interested in this service: or 409-209-3473.

Are Bromic heaters affected by wind and weather?

The performance of any outdoor heater can be affected by environmental factors such as wind. However Bromic heaters have the highest wind resistance of any outdoor heaters on the market and perform well at wind speeds up to 13mph, making them by far the best-in-class. While built from premium materials and engineered for longevity, we do recommend that our Smart-Heat™ gas, electric and portable outdoor heaters are best mounted undercover and not directly exposed to salt mist, rain or snow .

Which Bromic outdoor heater should I buy?

The selection of the correct outdoor heater for your specific needs should be based on key factors including:

  • The size of the space which you need to heat
  • The number of available mounting points
  • Access to a gas or electricity supply
  • Clearance heights to the ceiling
  • Your architecture, decor and design preference

To discuss which Bromic outdoor heating solution would best suit your needs, we recommend you contact us at or 409-209-3474.