Ethanol Inserts

Ethanol Fireplace Inserts

Ethanol fireplace inserts are the easiest way to bring the fire back into your old fireplace that you haven't been using in years. If you don't want to mess with wood or gas, fight the smell and smoke, but still would like to enjoy the ambiance of a real fire, ethanol insert is what you need. 

Ethanol inserts use liquid ethanol fuel for burning (it is sold separately). They produce real flame without any smell or smoke. Click here to learn more about ethanol fireplaces.

Ethanol inserts don't require any installation. All you need to do is slide an insert inside of your fireplace, pour fuel into the burner, and light it up with a long lighter. To extinguish the fire you simply close the lid of the burner using a long wand-like tool that comes with the insert. Click here to learn more about ethanol inserts.

You can choose to add some decorative logs or rocks to set around the burner for decoration, check out our Accessories for inspiration.

The newest advancement in ethanol burners is the addition of electronic controls and wi-fi that allows to control your ethanol burner via remote and connect it to a smart home system. Click here to see our Smart Ethanol Burners.

Popular sizes: up to 29" Wide, 30" - 49" Wide, 50" - 69" Wide

Popular brands: Ignis, The Bio Flame, Bio-Blaze, Eco-Feu