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Bio-Blaze Burner Used in The Makeover of A Fireplace on American Dream Builders, NBC

The famous TV show on NBC, American Dream Builders, used Bio-Blaze burner 60cm - 23" in the makeover of a victorian fireplace.

Lukas Machnik, interior design, created a fireplace from the old kitchen marble and inserted the Bio-Blaze 60cm / 23" Burner .

If you are renovating or building a new home and you want to include a fireplace without a flue that is built into the wall, this can be simply done by inserting one of our bio-ethanol burners creating the ambiance of a clean system without the gas or wood fireplace requirements.

"....Finally to make it functional I popped in a Bio-Blaze fuel insert and now it's a new focal point that actuary works!..."Lukas Machnik interior design

You can watch the episode 109 with this burner in the Victorian fireplace style.

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