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Modern Blaze provides a unique, modern and eco-friendly solution for contractors, designers, and architects, as well as home and business owners who are looking for an alternative to a traditional wood or gas fireplace in residential, commercial, or hospitality projects. Our fireplaces do not require chimneys or venting, creating endless design opportunities without expensive structural modifications.

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10 Best Fireplaces for Restaurants and Bars

Bio-Blaze Square XL II - 59" Wall Mounted/Built-in Ethanol Fireplace (BB-SQXL2)

Amantii Panorama DEEP 50″ Built-in Electric Fireplace (BI-50-DEEP)

Modern Flames Ambiance CLX2 144" Built in/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace (AL144CLX2)

 Bio-Blaze Orlando - Free Standing Ethanol Fireplace (BB-O)

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