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Modern Flames CLX2 Series Remote Control Instructions

Congratulations on your new CLX 2 series electric fireplace by Modern Flames! We hope you are enjoying your purchase. Here are a few tips on using a recently upgraded remote control that should make your life easier. 

Watch a handy video created by Modern Flames showing how to use the new remote for CLX2 series fireplace:

Modern Flames CLX2 Series Remote Control Instructions: 

1. Before getting started.

The battery of this remote is rechargeable just like your phone or camera. Included in your installation packet is the battery, micro UBS charging cord, wall plug and remote. Remove the back of the remote and insert the battery making sure that all contact points are making a connection. Replace the cover to hold the battery in place.
To charge the battery, locate the micro USB input on the left side of the remote. Insert the micro USB charging cord into the remote as well as the USB end into the wall charger and plug into the wall outlet.

2. Buttons and other controls.

Starting at the top there is a red power button, to the right of that is the gray back button, below is the LCD readout screen that will have icons for flame control, temperature control, RGB light control and information. Below the LCD screen is the navigation wheel and finally the ok button.

3. Operation.

To power on your remote:

Press and hold the red power button for 6 seconds. Now that the remote is on let’s turn on the fireplace.

For flame control:

Use the navigation wheel to highlight the flame icon, press up on the navigation wheel and press the red power button. Always remember when changing functions or using the remote point the remote to the top right corner of the fireplace viewing area. This is where the IR sensor is located to receive the command from the remote.

Use the navigation wheel to highlight the flame icon and press the ok button. Then press the right side of the navigation wheel to change the flame from orange to blue.
While inside the flame icon screen we can also adjust the flame intensity using the up and down side of the navigation wheel.

For heat control:

To turn the heat on use the navigation wheel to scroll to the temperature icon and press OK. Once the temperature icon is the only one on the screen we can press up on the navigation wheel to turn the heater on, down on the navigation wheel to turn the heat on low and then press and hold down on the navigation wheel for 4 sec to turn the heater off. To adjust the thermostat controls navigate to the temperature icon, press right on the navigation wheel then press up and down on the navigation wheel to adjust the thermostat up and down.

RGB halo light control:

If your fireplace is equipped with the optional RGB halo light, you will need to learn the remote to operate the RGB lighting. Press and hold the red power button and the back button at the same time for 6 sec, select the AL_CLX and press OK, toggle up to the color wheel and press OK, select your desired temperature reading and press OK.
Once back at the main menu toggle to the color wheel and pressing ok, this will bring you to the Feature control menu. Pressing OK to turn on or turn off the halo light. Pressing up or down on the Navigation wheel will increase or decrease the brightness. Pressing right will change the color. Pressing the Home button or the left button will bring you to the home screen.

Pressing Enter while this icon is highlighted will bring you to the Information menu. Displayed in this menu will be the model name, features installed and whether the device reads in Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

We hope this instruction guide was helpful and you are now ready to operate your electric fireplace with the new remote control. If you still have questions about the remote control that have not been covered in the video, please leave a comment below and we will be happy to answer them.