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How to Start a Fire in 7 Easy Steps

How to Start a Fire in 7 Easy Steps

How to Start a Fire in 7 Easy Steps

You probably think you know how to start the fire. Everybody knows, right? - Pile up the wood and light it up... But have you ever had one of those nights when you just can't get the fire started? I know I did. It is frustrating and it takes the joy out of the moment...

Good news! There is a quick and easy way to start a fire in your fire pit and we are going to break it down to you step by step and even show you the video explaining exactly how to do it.

Starting a fire in 7 Easy Steps 

1. Prepare some small dry sticks (or buy special kindling - fat wood is the best).


2. Prepare 6-8 bigger dry logs. 


3. Set 4 bigger logs in a criss-cross pattern and place smaller pieces in the middle.

Setting logs in a fire pit

4. Light up one of the smaller pieces.

Lighting up a smaller piece of wood

5. Use that burning piece to light up the rest of the small pieces inside bigger logs.

Starting the fire

6.  Use the rest of the bigger logs to add another layer or two. This creates a chimney effect that helps the fire started.

Adding more logs to the fire

7. Now, just sit back and watch it burn :)

Fire in the fire pit

This handy guide on how to start a fire was shared by Fire Pit Art. Here is a video they made that shows the entire process:

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