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10 Amazing Electric Fireplaces With Changing Flame Color

Manufacturers of Electric Fireplaces are constantly innovating. Thanks to that, electric fireplaces boast such impressive features as a realistic flame imitation, temperature control, and variable flame intensity, all of which can be controlled via hi-tech touch screen and sleek remote control. One of the newest additions to this impressive list is a multi-colored flame. New Amantii and Modern Flames fireplaces don't  only have a realistic state-of-the-art flame imitation, but can also change the flame color with a click of a button.

10 Amazing Electric Fireplaces With Changing Flame Color

Electric Fireplaces with Multi-Colored Flame by Modern Flames

Modern Flames CLX2 fireplaces allow you to change the color of their flame from standard orange to a modern blue for year around use.

The video below explains all the benefits of the new CLX2 collection:

  • Sleek design
  • Easy installation
  • Lifelike flame technology
  • Seamless color changing from orange to blue
  • Control via touch screen or remote
  • Simple and easy installation - recess or mount on any wall
  • Perfect for new build or remodel
  • Heater vent at the bottom - perfect for installation under a TV
  • 5 frame options: black glass, stainless steel, black stainless steel, matte black stainless steel, and white
  • Choose between glowing coals or shimmering glacier glass - both are included 
  • Multi-color LED Lights can be added to the rear of the frame for Halo effect (sold separately) 
  • Comes in variety of width: 45", 60", 80", 100" (144" does not have a multi-colored flame feature)

Follow this link for Modern Flames collection. 

Electric Fireplaces with Multi-Colored Flame by Amantii

Amantii was the first one to introduce a multi-color flame function in their Fire & Ice Collection and now all of their new (2016) models feature this option. Amantii fireplaces can change their flame color from vibrant blue to purple, to rose, and golden yellow! 

Follow this link for Amantii collection.

Staff Favorite: 10 Best Electric Fireplaces with Multi-Colored Flame

1. Amantii 41" Built-in Zero Clearance Electric Fireplace (ZECL‐39‐4134-BG)

Amantii 41" Built-in Zero Clearance Electric Fireplace (ZECL‐39‐4134-BG)

2. Amantii 42" Electric Fireplace Insert (INSERT‐33‐4230-BG)

Amantii 42" Indoor Electric Fireplace Insert (INSERT‐33‐4230-BG)

3. Amantii 32" Built-in Zero Clearance Electric Fireplace w/ Square Steel Surround (ZECL-31-3228-STL-SQR)

Amantii 32" Built-in Zero Clearance Electric Fireplace w/ Square Steel Surround (ZECL-31-3228-STL-SQR)

4. Amantii 40″ Built-in Electric Fireplace (Panorama, BI-40-DEEP)

Amantii Panorama DEEP 40″ Built-in Electric Fireplace (BI-40-DEEP)

5. Modern Flames 80" Built in / Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace (AL80CLX2)

Modern Flames Ambiance CLX2 80" Built in/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace (AL80CLX2)

6. Amantii 50″ Built-in Electric Fireplace (Panorama, BI-50-DEEP)

Amantii Panorama DEEP 50″ Built-in Electric Fireplace (BI-50-DEEP)

7. Amantii Panorama DEEP 72" Built-in Electric Fireplace (BI-72-DEEP)


8. Amantii 51" Built-in/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace (WM-FM-50-BG)


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