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NEW Modern Electric Fireplaces for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Modern Electric Fireplaces for Indoor and Outdoor Use

This spring we are excited to introduce a new line of Modern Electric Fireplaces - Remii.  All Remii Fireplaces feature clean frameless design and vibrant multicolor flames that reflect off the included decorative glass crystals creating a mesmerizing focal point in any room. 

Remii Electric Fireplaces are Outdoor Rated

All Remii Electric Fireplaces are outdoor rated meaning that they can be safely installed indoors and outdoors without the need of any additional covers. A Remii Electric Fireplace is what you are looking for if you want to install a modern fireplace in a bathroom, on an outdoor patio, deck or poolside.

Remii Electric Fireplace in a Bathroom

Remii Electric Fireplaces are Effortless

Remii Fireplaces are completely vent free and don't need any maintenance at all. They do produce enough heat to warm up about 450 - 500 sq.ft. which makes them perfect for zone heating. Flames can also be used without the heat which makes these fireplaces perfect to use in warmer climates and in the summer. Remii Fireplaces come with convenient remote control for changing heat and flame settings.

Remii Electric Fireplace in a Bedroom

A Remii Fireplace for Any Project

There are 3 different models under the Remii brand: Extra Slim, Extra Tall, and Deep. Each model is available in several different sizes from 35" to 65" and has it's own unique features.

Remii Extra Slim

Remii Extra Slim fireplaces are the slimmest electric fireplaces on the market. With only 4" in depth Remii Extra Slim fireplaces can be fully recessed into any wall.

Remii Indoor Outdoor Electric Fireplace

Remii Extra Tall

Remii Extra Tall fireplaces have the tallest flame viewing area compared to similar electric fireplace models - 18" high - that is 6" more than Amantii Panorama Fireplaces

Remii Extra Tall Electric Fireplace with Large Flame Viewing Area

Remii Deep

Remii Deep fireplaces have more colorful flame than other Remii models. They Illuminate decorative glass crystals with 13 (!) colors of ambient flames  - compare that to standard 5 colors in other Remii models.

Remii Deep Electric Fireplace under a TV

Remii Fireplaces are High Quality

Remii fireplaces are made in the same factory as Amantii and Sierra Flame lines, they receive the same quality control and attention to detail as other Amantii brands and are covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

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